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AROS HEALTH specializes in Equine Assisted Interventions that help rehabilitate and integrate people with different disabilities that may prevent them from functioning and adapting to society.

AROS HEALTH can also be useful for those who believe that working with horses can be beneficial health wise.

With the Intervention of Horses we perform at AROS HEALTH we physically develop the body and improve balance and muscle tone. From a psychological stand, we activate positive thinking through movement, the contact with the horse and the inner sensations the animal provides.


AROS HEALTH offers quality and professionalism to every individual or group, with clinical assessment sessions for every problem, a scientific methodology and objective and realistic programmes that are evaluated on a regular basis.

AROS HEALTH keeps the horses in an optimal healthy condition. They are our friends and cotherapists. Their health is our priority in order to offer the best possible service and work.

AROS HEALTH is also a member of the Spanish Federation of Equine Therapy (Federación Española de Terapias Ecuestres) and our professionals are accredited by this Federation.


We work with different people who have physical or psychological disabilities, rare diseases and psychological disorders as well as with people who do not necessarily have a pathology, but need to reduce their levels of stress or anxiety and learn how to handle them.

Aros Health Team

A multidisciplinary team specialized in different health areas that can provide considerable benefits through direct contact with horses.

Therapists specialized in Equine Interventions and Coaching.

Cotherapists specialized in Equine Therapy.

A psychologist who specializes in Early Attention.

Types of sessions

Individual session
1 day a week
Simple (one treatment per session)
160 €/month
Single Simple Individual Session 50 €
Group sessions
1 day a week
Single simple Group Session
10 €/person (TAX not incl.)
Single complex Group Session 15 €/person (TAX not incl.)



(Autism, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, emotional intelligence, Down syndrome, fears, phobias…)
1 day/week


(Impulse control, attention-concentration, psycho-social interaction, autism, acquired brain damage, anorexia, bulimia, depression, anxiety…)
1 day/week

Adults personal Development coaching

(Conscience, body language, emotions, leadership, team cohesion, communication, self-esteem, anxiety, stress…)
1 day/week

All treatments are overseen and managed by a professional psychologist who is also an accredited coach, an expert in early attention and an Advanced Technician in Equestrian Sports.

If you are a member of an independent association you can consult our special agreements.

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All in an exclusive and sports-orientated atmosphere. The only one in our region awarded with "4 Stirrups", the highest ranking granted by the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation and the Equestrian Federation of the Region of Murcia.

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