Coaching with horses at Club Aros

Coaching is a discipline that was born in the USA with the intention of increasing sportsmen performance and its use has now evolved into all aspects of human activity. In short, it could be said that coaching ‘is a learning process that provides tools which, depending on each case, allow to develop a person’s potential, solve internal conflicts and help achieve goals and set performances’.

At Club Aros, and through our Aros Health service, the coaching discipline and other therapies are developed by being in contact with horses and performing activities related to them: “Aros –mentions her Director- aspires to be an integral centre for sports excellence, taking part in national and international competitions in various disciplines and focusing on equestrian training; however, aware as they are of the huge potential horses have, Aros wishes to become a centre that assists people with physical or psychological disabilities, rare diseases or psychological disorders as well as help those who suffer from stress or anxiety.

Leadership, empathy, team work, motivation, communication and trust are some of the qualities coaching can enhance in executives, professionals and people who are subject to high emotional pressure, and all with the help of horses. The aim is to develop their emotional skills.


Leadership and management skills.
Combined leisure and business programs.
Directed to: companies that want to incentive employees or combine in congresses.
Horse-coaching for teams.
Directed to: Work Teams
Personal Growth
Natural Leadership with Horses
Directed to: People with a desire to grow in self-awareness
Female Leadership
Directed to: Women leaders
Young and family
School of Young Leaders
Directed to: Young people
Family coaching
Directed to: families
Train the trainer
Train the trainer
Directed to: People interested in equestrian education

Coaching with horses, What does it consist of?

It is the opportunity to work with horses in constant feedback. A unique experience of communication and relationship with a horse, through emotion and training, allowing us to work our skills and discover our improvement areas.

Coaching with experts, key success factor

The success in the execution of the program and the benefit in the real changes of the people and equipment that enjoy the program is the deep knowledge of the horse and the environment which coexist of our experts and technical coaches. A natural leadership position that allows you to use and understand body language and understand the feedback of each program. Trust us to achieve success.

Our experts design custom programs that enable individuals, teams and companies to develop the emotional intelligence, leadership, and leadership skills of each program. The exercises are worked from the bottom to the top by getting the relationship in your true self, creativity, and developing listening skills, empathy and negotiation.

Coaching journey

The seminars are developed in modules of 5 or 3 hours working communication, power and influence, listening and negotiation, leadership and leadership styles, among others.

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All in an exclusive and sports-orientated atmosphere. The only one in our region awarded with "4 Stirrups", the highest ranking granted by the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation and the Equestrian Federation of the Region of Murcia.

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